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Olivo Recording Studios was founded by Nick Olivo. In 1994, Nick Olivo with the help of Manny B. Promotions signed his first artist, Connie of “ Funky Little Beat” fame and Black Olive Records was born.

In 1996, Black Olive Records became TriWorld Records, which released it’s new dance artist Yolanda. Yolanda’s single “Together Forever” also received airplay on KYLD 94.9 for two months.

The Wild Boys a latin dance group was signed to TriWorld Records in 1997. The group finished recording their first album at Olivo Recording Studios in 1998. The group was performing at a Summer Bash concert in Texas with Wild Orchid, when TriWorld Records landed a six album three year deal, with distribution through BMG U.S. Latin.

The group’s videos of “La Bomba” and “Maria” were televised nationally in July and August on Uni-Vision’s Caliente show, the national Latin MTV.

During 2001 TriWorld along with Olivo Recording Studios worked with various groups and recorded a compilation Album, which received local airplay. 

In 2003, TriWorld Records signed on their new Hip Hop artist “Profit” from North Carolina and recorded his first album at Olivo Recording Studios.
In 2007 the record company signed artists INDIVO and in 2008 in co-record deal with LMG Records signed the Latin Hip Hop artist PRIMO.

Turning out the production work at the label is Black House Productions, headed by Rence Perez, which produces all the dance, hip hop, Pop, R&B and Latin grooves for TriWorld, while alternative, rock, etc, is handled by Nick Olivo. 

TriWorld Records is located in Sand City, California and is the home to Black House Productions.