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Olivo is a self-contained artist, who writes, records, engineers, mixes and produces his own material. Olivo credits his particular style to the pioneers of the rock community, influences ranging from John Lennon, the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Elvis.

Nick Olivo is an innovative artist whose chameleon style reminds one of a character actor in a movie. With each song comes a
new voice, a new role to be played. Olivo credits his songs texturing from his experiences in drama.
Olivo's sound is new, yet familiar to the ears.  On his softer
songs, listeners have said that the Olivo sound reminds them
of John Lennon, Peter Gabriel or Tom Petty.

Olivo is part of Black House Productions withRence Perez
at the helm, which has produced tracks for artists such as
Don Cisco featured on “Next Friday “ soundtrack, Baby Bash
on Universal Records, JayTee of N2DEEP, Mr. Kee, Connie
of “Funky Little Beat”, Yolanda, Angelina of Upstairs Records and other hip hop/dance artists.

Olivo believes music is a sacred art form which can transcend cultural differences and create a feeling that anything is possible. Music has the power to affect global awareness and unite people worldwide. Currently Olivo is working on his third album.

Olivo’s goal is to bring some joy and happiness to the millions of ears around the world.
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